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News, events, and all that fun stuff will be posted here!

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Here you'll find the rules, plot, and other useful info. If you've read through this board and still have questions, feel free to post in the Helpcenter!

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Sub-boards: Guides, MOD-REQUESTS


Still have questions after reading the rules? Got any suggestions or complaints? Post here!

Guest Friendly.

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Sub-board: To use later


This is where all the crime boring stuff happens.

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The birthplace of every character, this is where you'll begin working on them. The application template is in this board as well.

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All characters that have been accepted go here.

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Want to find someone to RP with? Maybe you have an uber super mega awesome plot in mind and need someone to RP it with? This is the place for you!

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Sub-board: INBOXES


Need to ring a friend? Answering a wanted ad for a trainer/breeder/co-ordinator? Sending an important email to your family about your adventures? This is the place for all those needs!

Please put threads such as phone calls or text chains in this main board.

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Sub-boards: The Beach, THE POKEMON LAB, Local Properties


Seabreeze Village is the place where most trainers start out their journeys. Being a small harbour town, boats from other regions stop by here constantly. Despite the frequent trading by sea, it's a small but traditional town, with large paved walkways and little within it aside from homes and the odd cafe.

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The stretch of plains between Mossrock City and Seabreeze Village is commonly referred to as The Grasslands. At first these plains seem to stretch endlessly, though they come to an abrupt end as one approaches the sea. There, the cliffs form a 20-yard drop directly into the crushing waves.

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Once a quiet village, now Mossrock City is the biggest city in Shula. Tall skyscrapers that tower towards the sky, bright lights, and masses of people are what define the city. Despite its urban appearance, however, many citizens keep grass Pokemon as pets.

Home of the First Gym.

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Sub-board: Local Properties


The Mossrock Forest is full of life. With the neverending chirping of the Starly and Swellow inhabiting the forest, it's hard to find a quiet place. Many types of Pokemon can be found here- this, in addition to the fact that the Pokemon residing in the forest aren't typically very high leveled, has made the forest a popular destination for new trainers.

last post in Training Is A Must(Private) by Aurelia "Reaper" Regnard Jan 25, 2023 22:38:30 GMT

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This rocky and bare plain stretches between Mossrock City and Vester City. Many rock and ground types call this rocky wasteland their home- don't be surprised if the rock that you're sitting on turns out to be a Geodude!

There's a decent road going all the way to Vester City if you don't want to run into wild pokemon. A fork in this road will take you north, towards Quagmire Town.

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Sub-boards: VESTER GYM; STEEL, THE ZOO, Local Properties


Slightly southwest of Mossrock City lies Vester City, a rather large city, with a lot of inhabitants. The city is best known for its zoo, where rare pokemon from across the globe are on display in their natural habitat for education and rehabilitation. A lot of people flood to the city for this reason, and though it's still a relatively young city business is booming.

Home of the Third Gym.

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This large mountain borders both Atlas Field and Vester City. ...Well, it's technically a plateau, but it has been known as Mt. Drum for as long as anyone can remember. It's impossible to climb its steep cliff faces, the only two ways to get to the top otherwise being flying up on a Pokemon or braving the maze of tunnels within.

Many trainers have gotten lost for weeks inside the tunnel system, so to anyone choosing the latter approach...beware!

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A seemingly endless swamp stretches between Atlas Field and the coast, hiding Quagmire Town in its very heart. Giya Swamp is maze-like, with nearly identical mangrove trees growing throughout the area and a permanent fog to shroud it all. This makes the swamp a very difficult area to navigate, even when following the path from Atlas Field to Quagmire Town.

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Sub-boards: QUAGMIRE GYM; WATER, Local Properties


Quagmire Town is a small town located in the heart of the swamp. Just like the swamp around it, the town is almost always shrouded in a thick fog. The buildings in this town are small and old, some of them looking like they're about to collapse- there's even one on the outskirts of town that's said to be haunted! Few visitors come here, save for the trainers who come in hopes of earning a new badge.

Home of the Fifth Gym.

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Sub-board: Local Properties


Nefi Village is a small village located near the bridge that connects Shema Island with Lorea Island. It's practically been stuck in time, most people relying on themselves and their Pokemon instead of machines. There isn't much notable here otherwise, except that the Move Tutor, Mr. Osbert resides here.

last post in Scouting out - Wisteria by Lawrence Moone Jan 23, 2023 17:30:33 GMT

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Sub-board: Local Properties


Laleh is the last major body of water on Lorea Island. Close to the desert but not close enough that the lake dries out, its proximity to the desert means the water is very warm all throughout the year. Lake Laleh is a popular tourist resort, but also sees frequent use as a great fishing spot.

All of the hotels and resort properties are located on the east and south shores of the lake, while the western and northern shores are relatively untouched by human hands.

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Sub-boards: CONTEST HALL, REDSHORE GYM; PSYCHIC, Local Properties


Redshore Town is located next to Lake Laleh. The city is filled to the brim with hotels, restaurants, casinos, and shops. The city relies heavily on tourism and that reflects on the town- the streets are sweeped daily, the grass is well-trimmed, and any crimes committed are quickly addressed. Every effort is made to keep the city looking nice and safe for tourists.

Home of the Second Gym.

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The vast desert on Lorea Island has gone unnamed for as long as anyone can remember. The hot, dry expanse dominates most of Lorea Island, about 70% of the island being covered in sand. The furthest reaches of the desert are mostly unexplored by mankind, but recently the discovery of the ruins of an ancient city has been brought to public attention.

While most people shun the dry wastelands, some brave explorers still venture into the desert, hungering for adventure.

last post in Desert Thieving (Akira) by Selina O'Sullivan Jan 13, 2023 8:07:28 GMT

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It's a bit of a mystery how such a large city has managed to spring up in the middle of the desert. Originally there was an oasis near what's today the biggest park in the city, hence the name. Now, all of the city's water is supplied by pipelines, and the oasis has dried out. The city is surprisingly green despite that, easily explainable with two words: Parks and Palmtrees.

The city's main source of income is in fact its agriculture, no matter how weird it sounds- imported soil and water allows for the fluorishing of greenhouses and gardens as well as the cultivation and export of hardy desert plants.

Home of the Sixth Gym.

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The Safari Zone is a newly opened area where trainers can come to meet different types of pokemon and have new experiences!

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The Outpost is the only kind of permanent settlement on Faraday Island. The island's only Pokecenter is located here and is considered to be the Outpost's only attraction, aside from the Celebration Stadium located nearby. Building-wise it's pretty bare- few people actually live here proper, making most of the people seen here just trainers passing by or farmers and ranchers visiting the Pokemon Center for aid.

last post in Reflection of Your Bonds [Appeal] by Xander Brandt Jan 19, 2023 20:33:00 GMT

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Scientists have for years been fascinated by the flat plains in the middle of Faraday Island. Minerals in the earth have made the plains a magnetic hotspot- the magnetism's actual effects on the environment, though, are still somewhat of a mystery, given that few scientists dare to wander far into the plains.

The area is plagued by frequent thunderstorms and, as a result, many electric Pokemon are attracted to it. It's very dangerous to come unprepared, especially since compasses are completely useless here.

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Sub-boards: SWEET AGUAV ACRES, Local Properties


Tavros Ridge surrounds Faraday Island's coast, sealing it off completely from the cold winds of the ocean. It's one of the few places where the seasons actually seem to change on Faraday Island- in the wintertime the mountaintops are covered in snow, while during the summer it's usually quite pleasantly warm.

The mountains themselves are quite bare, few plants growing up there, but down in the valleys life is flourishing.

last post in COMMON TO FIND HERE by Gardeon May 8, 2014 11:35:22 GMT

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The Kasabian Volcano is still active and highly dangerous. Hot lava flows in its underground corridors, and inside there's a rather elaborate cave system with high temperatures that can be deadly to the unprepared. Not surprisingly, a lot of fire types are attracted to the area, which has transformed the landscape around the volcano into a charred wasteland.

last post in Approaching The Volcano's Peak [LEGEND] by Haunter Jan 16, 2023 13:58:05 GMT

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Sub-board: Local Properties


The Stillwood Jungle is probably the least dangerous place on Faraday Island. The soil is so fertile from the nearby volcano that the jungle is teeming with life, with trees so tall they effectively block out the sunlight from the sky- only fleeting glimpses of old Kasabian can be caught through the leaves.

Few trainers make it to the jungle, however, the harrowing walk over the Faraday Plains usually being enough to discourage anyone from pressing on further. Those that do, though, will be rewarded with one of the best and most versatile catching grounds in Shula.

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Polade is arguably the cultural capital of Shula. Theatres, cinemas, libraries- anything and everything can be found here. Many upcoming movies are shot here, which has made some consider the city one big movie set. Many aspiring and big-name actors alike are drawn to the city. Many trainers find themselves drawn to the city as well, but for a completely different reason: that is, the local gym.

Home of the Fourth Gym.

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Sub-boards: LEAFY LAGOON, Local Properties


The Maplemaze Forest is very unlike its sister on Shema Island. Despite how dark and uninviting is seems, though, life still flourishes. The forest is said to have mystical powers, which has led to it being both feared and admired.

It covers a large area of Typheus Island and is, like the name suggests, practically a maze- only the parts closest to civilization have been mapped, so it's unwise to stray too far into the forest without any flying or teleporting Pokemon.

last post in Hard work is good work -- EXP Thread by Gardeon Jan 25, 2023 13:06:39 GMT

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Sub-boards: DROGO GYM; GHOST, Local Properties


Death has definitely influenced this small village. Many years ago a large chunk of the village's Pokemon died of an unknown disease, and it's said to this day that their spirits still haunt the area. There's no real historic record of the event, though, leading many to suspect it's just a made-up story to attract people. Still, the village attracts and benefits from the visits of paranormal enthusiasts, and there are also a fair number of critics who were converted after spending some time in the village.

Drogo Village is also known for throwing one hell of a Halloween parade each year, attracting people from all over the world to join in on the fun.

Home of the Seventh Gym.

last post in Coordinating with Mom [Jean] by Myra Kaitos Jan 25, 2023 20:11:12 GMT

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The Ankhara River is a very popular fishing spot, although not the most comfortable one. Surrounded by very rocky and steep terrain, it's somewhat of a chore to get down to the water. This has worked in favor of the river Pokemon, however, since external predators have a hard time getting down to its banks as well.

last post in COMMON TO FIND HERE by Gardeon May 8, 2014 13:01:55 GMT

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The bare stretch between the Ankhara River and the Strider Mountains have no official name, but it's commonly referred to as the Badlands by the locals. The plains are rocky, dry, and hard to travel, meaning many would prefer to avoid it altogether. Since the final gym is on the other side, however, many trainers are forced to brave the uninviting environment and attempt to cross it.

last post in Pokemon Fury (Attempt 2) - Quest by Lawrence Moone Jan 23, 2023 17:23:25 GMT

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Sub-board: The Dojo


Hindors Town is located right next to the Strider Mountains and The Badlands. Though it's terribly exposed to the whims of nature the town's inhabitants seem to take it all in strider. The town has suffered through more droughts, landslides, rockfalls and savage Pokemon than most, leaving it with a sort of endurance many would envy- no matter how many times it's ravaged, it's always soon back to its former glory.

The town itself is a bit plain, but the exhausted trainers coming in from the Badlands rarely complain.

last post in You Got Talent - Caz's Dojo by Caspian "Caz " Kaitos Jan 27, 2023 10:27:55 GMT

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Sub-board: MT. GLACIER


The Strider Mountains are a group of seven mountain peaks. The terrain is rocky and rather steep, but considering what most trainers have been through at this stage it's a walk in the park. Still, it's unwise to come unprepared- exploring the mountains can take several days, so basic camping equipment is recommended.

last post in COMMON TO FIND HERE by Gardeon May 8, 2014 13:23:38 GMT

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Glacierpeak Town is located on top of Mt. Glacier. Despite being in such a remote location, the town is a very active and lively place. Due to being snow-covered all year round, it has evolved into a very popular skiing resort. There are five different ski slopes in total with different difficulties. A lot of the town's population otherwise works within the hotel and restaurant industries, and it shows- many say that the best food in Shula is served here!

Home of the Eighth Gym.

last post in The voices, so many voices - Erza by Lawrence Moone Jan 25, 2023 13:21:41 GMT

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Crystal-Lined Caverns

Just on the edge of the Twisted trench, a cave has opened up from a very recent landslide. The whole cave is lined with bright white and pink crystals and stones, and it seems from the footsteps all around it inside it, that someone or a lot of someones have been around here recently.

last post in Big To-do [MILARNIE] by Milarnie Colt Jan 11, 2023 19:41:53 GMT

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Captivating Coast

Isle Changling is made up of 3 areas and 3 only, the largest being the beach and the surrounding coastline. A small selection of houses have been built here and a single Pokemon Center remains for those coming to train against the powerful Pokemon native to the island, but it's otherwise very sparse.

last post in COMMON TO FIND HERE by Gardeon Oct 15, 2020 6:52:40 GMT

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Twisted Trench

Those brave enough to leave the open, sunny and wavelapped shores of the coast behind and wander beyond the dunes will find very little aside from the long, deep and rather dark trench that appears to cut right through the island. Though it's a very twisting and winding path to follow, it's the only way deeper into the island.

last post in COMMON TO FIND HERE by Gardeon Oct 15, 2020 7:03:35 GMT

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Elite Fortress

Move far enough along the trench and find the right path and you may be lead upwards, ending beside a large black marble fortress sitting atop Isle Changling. This is the home of Shula's Elite 4. Who's home it was before this and the history of the fortress is actually unknown, or at least believed to be.

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